Family Dentistry

At The Lake Dental Group, we sincerely believe that your family deserves the best dental care possible. From preventative and maintenance programs for children to routine exams, screenings, fillings, and specialty care for adults and seniors, we are committed to your family’s dental health at every stage of life.


Leading Edge Technology Ensures Exceptional Results

At The Lake Dental Group, we understand that no one wants to spend more time at the dental office than they have to. By incorporating in state-of-the-art technology throughout our practice, we can ensure efficient, convenient, comfortable, and safer procedures that will get you in and out of the office faster than expected and with beautiful results.

Where it used to take three weeks to make a custom crown, our CEREC machine allows us to create precision crowns in less than thirty minutes. This incredible technology makes it possible to skip the messy impression, temporary crown, follow up appointment.

The Lake Dental Group takes advantage of the new technology that is available for modern dentistry. We use Air Abrasion technology for fillings, making it possible to skip the Novocain and the uncomfortable drilling process. This system uses pressurized air to remove tooth decay similar to a mini sand blaster.

We have further streamlined our examination process by eliminating traditional dental film that requires lengthy processing time and replacing it with Digital x-rays. Not only does this instant imaging technology drastically reduce wait time, it reduces exposure to radiation and enables us to make a more accurate diagnosis. With intraoral cameras, patients can even see what is going on inside their mouth on a flat screen TV.

We have incorporated Lasers for many of our procedures, including gum surgery, cavity detection, and periodontal therapy. This technology reduces appointment length and healing time. Computerized patient education programs are used in each operatory or you can sit back and watch cable or Netflix on the ceiling mounted televisions in each room.


At The Lake Dental Group, we help our patients to understand that routine dental care can be the best insurance against prohibitive expenses related to dentistry. When dental care is required, we make sure to take the stress out of working with a patient’s insurance provider. We have team members who have years of experience in maximizing patient benefits and successfully navigating the paperwork associated with insurance claims. You can feel confident that The Lake Dental Group will work with you in finding a financially feasible solution for your dental care.

Financial Options

The cost of dental care can often deter people from seeking the treatment needed to maintain the health of their smile. However, dental disease does not get better over time and can be more expensive and difficult to treat the longer it goes without professional care. Using state-of-the-art technology as well as progressive materials and techniques, we can detect decay and periodontal disease at its earliest stages. Early detection and treatment, along with good brushing, flossing and checkups can dramatically reduce the overall costs of dental care over time.

Dental Care Payment Options

Our team at The Lake Dental Group works with each patient to help fit the expense of excellent dental care into their budgets. We accept all major credit cards and have developed a variety of payment plans that spread out payments for up to 5 years. We welcome most dental insurance plans and will happily work directly with your insurance provider to maximize your allowable benefits.

The goal for all of our patients is a beautiful smile that is healthy, stable, and comfortable through all stages of life. The best dental care most often ends up being the least expensive in the long run. Be sure to talk to talk with us directly if you have any questions or concerns about the costs associated with your dental care.