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Dental Sedation

The Lake Dental Group is pleased to announce In Office Dental Sedation Now Available in Duluth!

We welcome Dr. John Mundy and Aventus Anesthesia to our team of dedicated professionals. We are very excited to have their years of experience available for the benefit of our patients.

Dr. Mundy is the past Director of Anesthesia for a local hospital and will be providing sedation for   Dr Robert LaCosse and The Lake Dental Group.

Says Dr. Mundy- “There are so many people who avoid needed dental work because of fear or bad past experiences. Working with Dr LaCosse, we will now be able to help those people obtain excellent dental care while they are sedated with the exact same methods used at local hospital operating rooms. It is a safe and comfortable way for you to get the dental care you need without any of the stress. You wake up with your dental work done!”

The IV sedation used at The Lake Dental Group is so much more advanced and comfortable than other sedation methods used like the kind where you just take a pill. We can use the exact right amount for each patients individual needs, so your sedation is always controlled. And recovery time is much faster!

Even though this is the same sedation used in the local hospitals, administered by the same local professional anesthetists, we are able to offer it much, much less expensively. As a matter of fact, we believe so strongly in the benefits of this treatment that in certain circumstances we will be able to offer this service at no charge! 

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