About The Lake Dental Group

The Lake Dental Group is your partner in creating the gorgeous and healthy smiles that reflect the style patients desire. With a strong belief that everyone deserves the absolute best possible care, the Lake Dental Group is committed to changing your perceptions of visiting the dentist.

Philosophy of Practice

At The Lake Dental Group, we understand that we are in a position of awesome responsibility to the people in our care. We work hard to attain and retain your trust in order to provide the quality general, cosmetic, and reconstructive dental care that you and your family deserve. Our Philosophy of Practice includes a number of commitments from the team at The Lake Dental Group:

Quality of Care

At The Lake Dental Group we understand that we have the unique ability to drastically affect the quality of life our patients’ experience. In order to provide the highest level of dental care, our team dutifully acknowledges the following:

  • We can provide relief from some of the worst pain in a patient’s life with good family dentistry practices.
  • A patient’s life can be completely changed with excellent cosmetic or reconstructive dentistry. In light of this, people are incredibly vulnerable when they are in our care, so building trust and respect is our primary objective. We know we must continually earn and work to deserve this trust.
  • We must never deceive our patients in any way.
  • We must give our absolute best effort each day.
  • We must provide leading edge techniques, equipment, and standards of care.

Patient Rights

We believe patients have the right to choose what is best for them. It is our responsibility at The Lake Dental Group only to provide each patient with complete information about the condition of their oral health, all treatment options and the implications of treatment or no treatment. We respect that each person has their own criteria for the decisions they make in their life, so we will not pass judgment concerning a patient’s decision. Options and information will be given consistently, regardless of insurance company-imposed treatment limitations.

Patient Comfort

We believe a dental office should be as comfortable and stress free as possible. Providing a relaxed and comfortable environment will facilitate a patient’s confidence in the treatments they will receive. The Lake Dental Group will ensure a patient’s comfort through all means possible, including:

  • Providing professional, friendly, and prompt service.
  • The complete elimination of any physical pain that is within our power to remove.
  • Offering sympathetic care that acknowledges the very real fear that many people have of dental work.
  • Establishing an office environment that is beautiful to be in, spotlessly clean, and truly relaxing, with little touches that remind patients that their comfort is important to us.