• Beauty

    A beautiful smile is a gift you give yourself and can share with the world around you.

  • Confidence

    Never underestimate the confidence you can feel knowing you have a healthy and brilliant smile.

  • Trust

    We never take for granted the level of trust you place in us to deliver the smile you've always wanted. The Proven Skill of AACD Accreditation. Thousands of successfull veneers placed on happy Northland patients. You can trust Dr. LaCosse with your new smile.

  • Sedation

    We truly care about your comfort. Call one of our Sedation Experts today and ask about our in office IV dental sedation. Never be afraid at the dental office again...

  • SeniorDental

    Our own affordable dental plan just for Seniors! No yearly maximums, exclusions for other limitations. This is so much better than regular dental insurance! Call us today for details!


Dr LaCosse and Staff-
I wanted to let you know how very grateful I am to all of you for everything
that you have done for me. The change in my smile is absolutely remarkable.
I fell like the dark cloud of insecurities that I used to have everyday
about my teeth has been lifted away. I am utterly amazed! And I fell like
the luckiest person to have had the benefit of your talent in dentistry. I
will be forever thankful to all of you.

— T.S.

Dear Dr LaCosse-
Thank you so very much for everything you have done for me. You helped me
perfect my winning smile!

— Courtney Basara, Miss Minnesota 2010

Dear Dr LaCosse-
I cannot express the sincere gratitude I feel for what you have done for me.
My whole life I have spent embarrassed and humiliated by my crooked, broken
and missing teeth. Through the years I learned to cover my mouth when I
smiled or smile with my mouth closed. Worst of all, I even avoided social
situations entirely because of my awful teeth. I had no idea that it was
even possible to fix them until you showed me the models of what you could
do and even then I didn't believe it could be done. Your patience caring and
skill were unbelievable. I am so proud of my new teeth - I can't believe
how much I am smiling and how much you have changed my life!
Thank you, thank you, thank you for giving me my smile back!

— E.H.

Dr LaCosse and staff at Lake Dental-
I came to your office because I couldn't find a dentist in my area who would
even try to fix my broken front teeth. From the first phone call through to
the final result, I was completely impressed with the kindness and
professionalism of your whole staff, the comfort of your office, your
thoroughness and attention to detail. My new smile looks fantastic and feels
like my own teeth. Thank you again.

— J.W.

I consider Dr. Lacosse MORE than a Cosmetic Dentist, he is a true ‘craftsman’ of his trade. He pays attention and he is meticulous about his finished product. If you are even potentially thinking of having Cosmetic Dentistry done in the Greater MN Area, I strongly suggest you contact Dr. LaCosse. I have ultimate ‘Brand Loyalty’ to Dr. LaCosse and was willing to travel 2000 miles just to see him. Thank you Dr. LaCosse and all the wonderful staff at Lake Dental!!

— Stacy Phillips

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